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The fees listed in the Schedule of Charge’s are provided as a guide only as many vary depending on the size of the property. Please ask a member of staff for a full breakdown of fees that may be payable before, during and after a tenancy.

All fees shown are inclusive of VAT at 20% unless stated otherwise. If fees are settled by cash or credit card, further fees apply. Cash or Debit Card fee is £3.00 and Credit Card transaction fee: 3.0% of the transaction value.

Administration fees required; BEFORE tenancy:

  • Lead Tenant Application: £350.00.
  • Each Co Tenant: £200.00.
  • Guarantor Application: £150.00.
  • Company Application: £550.00.
  • Pet Agreement: £100.00.

Administration fees required; DURING tenancy:

  • Tenancy Renewal: £150.00.
  • Company Renewal: £300.00.
  • New Tenancy Agreement due to name change: £75.00.
  • Pet Agreement: £100.00.
  • Copy Document Fee & Misc letters for Tenant breach of contract, per document: £60.00.
  • Early Termination Administration Fee: One month’s. Please note that the tenant also retains liability for the rent until the day a new tenancy commences.
  • Tenant Changeover Fee: £360.00.
  • Contractor Cancellation Fee: £60.00.
  • Key Replacement Fee, plus the cost of the keys per replacement: £30.00.
  • Mid tenancy inspection request by Tenant: £72.00 per visit.

Administration fees required; END OF tenancy:

  • Inventory Check Out requested by tenant: £108.00 to £234.00 depending on property size.
  • Providing a Tenancy reference/Rent statement: £42.00 per person.
  • Our administration charge for submitting papers for a disputed deposit claim: £150.00
  • At the end of a tenancy you are requested to cancel your standing order for payment of rent (this is a payment instructed by you to your bank). An administration charge of £30.00 per full rent payment will be made to arrange the reimbursement of any overpaid funds.
  • If dilapidations found at a property at the end of a tenancy exceed £250.00, Robinsons Lettings Limited will charge £60.00 for administration involved in the organisation of contractors to put right the work.
  • At the expiry of the tenancy, the deposit will be returned (subject to any agreed dilapidations). The deposit return will be made by bank transfer and will attract a fee of £12.00.

Administration fees required; DEFAULTING tenants:

  • Rent payments which are seven days or more late will attract interest at 8% above the Barclays Bank base rate plus our late payment administration charge of £48.00, along with any associated legal costs.
  • Any subsequent communication regarding non-payment of rent will be charged at £30.00. Please be aware that not only will a charge be levied for your rent being late but any future reference supplied by us regarding the performance of your tenancy will reflect any late payments of money owed including your rent payments, which could jeopardise any futures rental, loan or mortgage applications when trying to move home.


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